這一道Stewed Chicken是一位外籍朋友教我做的,味道真的非常之棒,甜酸交織,美味無比


 主材料 Main Ingredients

  1.  雞胸或棒棒腿(chicken breast or drumstick): 450/1斤半 (1 pound)
  2.  中型洋蔥(medium onion):1
  3.  青蔥(green onion): 4~5
  4.  大蒜(garlic):4~5


A.雞肉醃料(for chicken)

  1. 白醋(white vinegar): 酌量(deliberate use)
  2. 黑胡椒粒(black pepper): 酌量(deliberate use)
  3. 百里香粉(thyme powder):5~10
  4. 綜合咖哩粉(mixed curry powder):10克 (勿過多,以免咖哩搶味)
  5. (salt):適量(deliberate use)

B.炒糖(for browing)

  1. 黑糖或紅糖(dark brown sugar or brown sugar)20~30克/15~25克 (使用紅糖時,用量要比黑糖少一些)
  2. 橄欖油(olive oil):20~30ml

C.最終調味(for final seasoning)

  1. 醬油(soy bean oil):酌量(deliberate use)
  2. 烏醋Worcester sauce:酌量(deliberate use)
  3. 番茄醬(ketchup):酌量(deliberate use) 




[Prepare the Meat] 

Start by preparing a pound of your preferred chicken parts. Remove the skin and fat. It is necessary to remove the skin to let the colour and flavour permeate the meat. Drumsticks or mixed chicken parts work best for this recipe because they will bring out a little extra flavour. However it may be more convenient to use chunks of chicken breast if you plan on using chopsticks for the meal. After removing the skin and fat, wash the meat well with white vinegar to get rid of the raw 'meaty' smell/taste.


IMG_0899.JPG IMG_0907.JPG IMG_0908.JPG  


  1. 2茶匙(10g)的咖哩粉
  2. 黑胡椒粒(用量依照個人口味)
  3. 稍許鹽巴
  4. 些許的百里香粉
  5. 切段(0.2~0.3cm)的青蔥


Next, add the seasoning to the meat: two teaspoons of curry, lots of black pepper, salt, a dash of thyme, finely chopped green onion.

Use your hands and mix everything together in the bowl.

Chop a whole onion, then crush and break apart about four or five pegs of garlic. Keep this onion and garlic handy for a later step. 





[Make The Browning] 

Begin by heating up the pot and coating the insides with some olive oil. This step will be done on high heat, so other oils will break down and smoke. Add one or two heaping tablespoons of dark brown cane sugar to the pot and start stirring. What you are attempting to do is to melt the sugar and stop the heat after it turns dark brown/black, but just before it starts burning. Watch for when the sugar begins foaming and taking on a golden brown colour. From here on it will burn very quickly. As soon as it's ready, turn down the heat.

IMG_0917.JPG IMG_0918.JPG  



[Cook The Chicken]  

Add the chicken to the pot and begin stirring to thoroughly coat the chicken in browning. The browning may harden and stick when you add the chicken but don't worry. It will re-melt soon enough.  The chicken should be allowed to cook on low heat.



Add your chopped onions and garlic. Keep stirring. 

IMG_0919.JPG IMG_0921.JPG  


Once the chicken has sprung its juices and there's some liquid in the pot, it's time to work on the sauce. This step is done according to your taste. Add a dash of soy sauce, Worcester sauce and a just little tomato ketchup. Add more salt and black pepper to balance the taste if it is too sweet. Stir regularly until the meat is finished cooking.




[Ready to serve]

 Serve with white rice or mashed potatoes with lots of vegetables.







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